Prices & Booking for Static Caravans

All Properties are let from 3pm Saturday to 10am following Saturday.

All Prices are Per Week and are inclusive of VAT at the current rate, gas, electric, bedlinen and towels

A deposit of £50.00 is required to make a booking then balances are to be paid one month prior to arrival.

We do accept well behaved pets by prior arrangement (maximum of 2 per property) at a charge of £30.00 per week

Bookings and Payments can be made over the phone on 015394 36374

Please see full terms and conditions

Static Caravans 2024

2024Saturday - Saturday
7 Nights
6th of January - 10th of February£380.00
10th of February - 17th of February£575.00
17th of February - 30th of March£390.00
30th of March - 13th of April£720.00
13th of April - 25th of May£530.00
25th of May - 1st of June£720.00
1st of June - 20th of July£530.00
20th of July - 31st of August£720.00
31st of August - 19th of October£520.00
19th of October - 2nd of November£595.00
2nd of November - 21st of December£410.00
21st of December - 28th of December£620.00
28th of December - 4th January 2024£720.00

Static Caravans Short Breaks 2024

Monday - FridayFriday - Monday
1st - 5th of January£270.005th - 8th of January£270.00
8th - 12th of January£270.0012th - 15th of January£270.00
15th - 19th of January£270.0019th - 22nd of January£270.00
22nd - 26th of January£270.0026th - 29th of January£270.00
29th of January - 2nd of February£270.002nd - 5th of February£270.00
5th - 9th of February£270.009th - 12th of February£270.00
12th - 16th of February£405.0016th - 19th of February£270.00
19th - 23rd of February£270.0023rd - 26th of February£270.00
26th of February - 1st of March£285.001st - 4th of March£285.00
4th - 8th of March£285.008th - 11th of March£285.00
11th - 15th of March£285.0015th - 18th of March£285.00
18th - 22nd of March£285.0022nd - 25th of March£285.00
25th - 29th of March£285.0029th of March - 1st of April£510.00
1st - 5th of April£510.005th - 8th of April£510.00
8th - 12th of April£510.0012th - 15th of April£510.00
15th - 19th of April£360.0019th - 22nd of April£360.00
22nd - 26th of April£360.0026th - 29th of April£360.00
29th of April - 3rd of May£360.003rd - 6th of May£375.00
6th - 10th of May£375.0010th - 13th of May£360.00
13th - 17th of May£360.0017th - 20th of May£360.00
20th - 24th of May£360.0024th - 27th of May£360.00
27th - 31st of May£510.0031st of May - 3rd of June£360.00
3rd - 7th of June£360.007th - 10th of June£360.00
10th - 14th of June£360.0014th - 17th of June£360.00
17th - 21st of June£360.0021st -24th of June£360.00
24th - 28th of June£360.0028th of June - 1st of July£360.00
1st - 5th of July£360.005th - 8th of July£360.00
8th - 12th of July£360.0012th - 15th of July£360.00
15th - 19th of July£510.0019th - 22nd of July£510.00
22nd - 26th of July£510.0026th - 29th of July£510.00
29th of July - 2nd of August£510.002nd -5th of August£510.00
5th - 9th of August£510.009th - 12th of August£510.00
12th - 16th of August£510.0016th - 19th of August£510.00
19th - 23rd of August£510.0023rd - 26th of August£510.00
26th - 30th of August£510.0030th of August - 2nd of September£510.00
2nd - 6th of September£350.006th - 9th of September£350.00
9th - 13th of September£350.0013th - 16th of September£350.00
16th - 20th of September£350.0020th - 23rd of September£350.00
23rd - 27th of September£350.0027th - 30th of September£350.00
30th of September - 4th of October£350.004th - 7th of October£350.00
7th - 11th of October£350.0011th - 14th of October£350.00
14th - 18th of October£350.0018th - 21st of October£440.00
21st - 25th of October£440.0025th - 28th of October£440.00
28th of October - 1st of November£440.001st - 4th of November£300.00
4th - 8th of November£300.008th - 11th of November£300.00
11th - 15th of November£300.0015th - 18th of November£300.00
18th - 22nd of November£300.0022nd - 25th of November£300.00
25th - 29th of November£300.0029th of November - 2nd of December£310.00
2nd - 6th of December£300.006th - 9th of December£310.00
9th - 13th of December£300.0013th - 16th of December£300.00
16th - 20th of December£300.00